Tuesday, July 14, 2009

07*14*09 Lots of Ruffles

Ruffle Tank: Target
Gray Cardi: Kohls
Pink Skirt: NY&CO
Brown flats: Aerosoles via DSW
Brown belt: Kohls

I picked up this super comfy skirt at NY&CO's summer clearance sale, but I'm having the same problem with it as with my red pants from yesterday. What else do I wear with it besides neutrals? I've noticed that I really don't have a big variety of neutral tops and if I have the choice while shopping, I will almost always go for color over neutrals. Now that I've realized this, I'm trying to increase my neutral wardrobe options.

I am mixing brown & gray, something I would have NEVER done before I started reading all of the lovely fashion blogs. Now its slowly becoming one of my favorite combinations. I know my pose looks a little off balance, but I liked the way my skirt looked mid-swing.

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