Monday, June 15, 2009

06*15*09 Eh...

Top: Axcess via Kohls
Cami: some store in Atlanta
Pants: Kohls
Necklace: gift

This is one of those tops that I bought when I was pregnant because I was convinced I could wear it after the baby, too, and it would still look cute. Unfortunately, I don't think I like this shirt on my non-pregnant self. Maybe its the pants I'm not crazy about and they are ruining the shirt for me. Or maybe its the fact that I associate this shirt with being 20-30 lbs heavier and that makes me feel like a blob. Who knows, but something isn't right. Guess I will try different combos of this before I decide to put it aside.

I always knew that I preferred pants to skirts, but after only a week of blogging, I'm already getting bored with pants. I have several super cute skirts and dresses in my closet, so I'll try to pull some out in the next few weeks.
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